Expert Online

The 5 Stage Process

Working With Us

We have a plan, and we stick to it.

Our development process means that we have a solution to every problem.

We hear your needs and make sure they’re met. 

We plan, layout and discuss the plans we have for your website, making sure we know your goals, the features you want and the audience you're targeting to lay the groundwork for your website.
Now that we've created your brand's vision and know your goals, we'll get started with creating an outline of what you need. We'll make sure everything you need is in the blueprints before we start implementing them into your website.
We'll be creating the visuals and interface for your website, including colour, graphics and typography.  We'll also make sure your website is functional and aligns with your brand, showing you prototypes which we'll improve on with your feedback and our suggestions.
Nearly there! Your website is in its final stages. During the testing phase, we make sure that all the small details on your website are working properly. That means buttons going to the right places and security on your website up and running.
Go Live!
Once all is said and done. Your website has officially transitioned from vision to reality, your website is now ready to go live! We'll be in charge of the maintenance of your website ensuring that it stays in safe and secure.